Monday, July 06, 2009


It has been a long journey.

This blog started off as the incoherent ramblings of a blogger full of self-importance (and has finished the same way, I hear some of you snicker). I talked of Amitav Ghosh and science fiction, my love for code and my breakup, Greek mythology and the universalist doctrine of Christianity. I talked of my hatred for reservations and why I thought it was the manifest duty of our generation to function as the aggregators and disseminators of wealth.

And, finally, the blog petered to a stop. I had lost my voice. Why? Exhorting others to reach for the impossible, I had compromised on my own goals. Pushing others to achieve their heart's desires, I had neglected mine.

It has been five years since my first post appeared on this blog. Five years of growing up from angsty youth to mature man, five years of yearning to find an independent voice when I had it with me all the while. Five years of seeking desperately to move on from the cliches of modern blogging. Five years might not be an eternity for blogs in general, but it sure feels that way for this one, which is why I have good news and bad news for you folks who are still reading.

The bad news: I've decided to stop updating this blog. Though this will remain in its present form for the foreseeable future, I shall not be posting any fresh articles here.

The good news: There's a brand new blog, at (yep, I'm going commercial), where I'll write about subjects that have managed to hold my fickle interest for a sustained period. I still have lots to talk about, but this is not the appropriate forum any more.

See you at my new blog!