Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Running Code!

Have you ever felt the indescribable joy of creating hundreds of Java classes, all of the form of tiny gems of code? The delight that courses through the body when various objects come together and work in concert to create pre-planned emergent behavior? The feeling of being in the 'zone', of being one with the machine, of creating a new form of poetry/art/music?
Sigh. To program is to drown in beauty, to be caught between the lofty peaks of abstraction and concreteness, to derive joy from complexity as well as simplicity.
And, sometimes, just sometimes, to live is to rejoice in the mercy of the Big Mainframe out there.


zack said...

time n again u prove that u r a geek ;) jus kiddin i had to comment on this one every other blog which i did sincerely read
i found myself incapable of saying anything , but nice work .

Dyan said...

ah geek, how i love thee!